Hey there!

My name is Pavel Kalugin, I'm 16 and I'm from Moscow, Russia.

I do some programming for fun, although there's not much stuff I've written over the years:

I'd call myself proficient in C++ and Python. I've done something moderately-sized in Haskell, GoLang and C. And, I'm able to maintain this server in a somewhat working state, including an e-mail service.

Probably, my main programming activity for the past several years was olympiad programming, I've won some prizes in the various Russian national olympiads, including some team ones.

Here's my Codeforces profile, I've written quite an interesting article about Segment Tree data structure performance in my blog.

I use Gentoo Linux, and, contrary to a popular belief, that doesn't mean I have no life :).

Feel free to contact me: